You might find some spoilers here so if you don't want to see don't read ! And please remember don't believe anything you will read it's just gossip ! We will not know for sure till the show is done and over !


MORE TO COME SOON - If you have any gossip and/or news email us !



TI 2 ?
Fox television executives said Tuesday the jury is still out on a possible sequel to the libido-fueled "reality" hit "Temptation Island." Network brass said they will wait until viewership numbers are in from the sixth and final episode Wednesday before deciding whether to order a second block of the controversial series, which entices unmarried couples to break up their relationships.


Kathy's so called reality show ?
On MTV Airs Sundays @ 10:30 p.m. (ET) / 9:00 p.m. (CT), Make sure to watch it the cast of TI makes appearances (singles and couples) almost each week. I bet this will be the first place to announce if TI2 is in the works ! 


Mandy on Howard Stern ?
Tune in to the radio show on Feb 28th to hear Mandy she will be there ! 


Mandy in Playboy ?
Mandy has turned down $1,500,000 to pose in Playboy.


Taheed Married ?
There are some rumors that Taheed is married and he left his wife for Ytossie. 


Mandy, Shannon and Kaya on Jay Leno ??
Yep, they sure were. Feb 22. Mandy revealed that Billy moved to LA and she will remain in Atlanta and has no intentions of moving.


Taheed on Arrest and Trail as a guest star ?
He will play a crack deal on Feb 19 show title "Ruthless Ricky"


US Weekly Will Go After Small Sites And Clubs ?
Yes, they have nothing better to do ! They will sue any one using any picture or text from the article about TI ! E-mail them to let them know what you think (( )) without magazines fan based web sites will not exist !!


Temptation Island Extended To 7th Episode ??
Fox has extended the six-episode run of "Temptation Island" by one additional episode to air on Feb. 28, the last night of the February sweeps period. The extra episode will feature a reunion of the residents and series highlights. The one-hour finale will reveal whether the featured couples will stay together.


Episode 6 Bumped For Barbra Streisand Special ??
FOX has scheduled a Barbra Streisand special for Monday, February 14th to air instead of the highly-anticipated 6th episode of the series. The performance is a filming of her 1999 New Year's Eve concert, taped in Las Vegas.

Missing For a Few Hours ??
The camera crew is to be with the dates at all times. However on one of the dates the two unnamed individuals managed to escape for few hours during a hike, they were not found until they showed up at the resort later that night.


No Sex ? Maybe there was !
Even though rumors around the internet say there was NO SEX on the show, we had reports that FOX was the source of the rumor, which they released after getting all negative heat about the show. A decision was made to edit the shows and make it look like there was no sex. 


The show would have never known about the child ??
As we know, Ytossie and Taheed got banned from the show, due to having a child. Well FOX would not have known, if Ytossie did not tell one of the singles while walking on the beach. The crew was the one who make the call to the producers to let them know about the child. Apparently, Ytossie did not like the fact that Taheed was having fun and did not want to communicate with her so she wanted to end their time on the island.


Mandy & Billy Still Together ???
Well, we've been receiving a number of reports over the past couple of weeks that Billy and Mandy are still together. However we also got reports that each couple had to "act as if nothing happen" till the show finish airing on Fox. It was in their contract.


Why Did Heather Perry Really Leave ???
In an interview with her hometown newspaper, Heather Perry revealed that despite host Mark L. Warburg's claims at the time of the announcement of Heather's departure during episode 3 that it "had nothing to do with Kaya", her decision to leave did in fact have something to do with her date with Kaya. Though she insists she can't reveal anymore until the 6th and final episode of the series has ended, she says “My particular story is probably their main story for the entire show,” Perry said. “I’m the one that came off the island with a really, really strange story.” “Legally, I can’t explain,” she said. Many rumors as to WHY she left. Some are: Kaya asked her to do something she did not want to, Kaya told her about Taheed and Ytossie having a child and she did not want anything to do with the show. The show asked her to go too far with Kaya and she refused. 


One Couple Makes It ???
 E!'s  reported in on  Monday online chat session that only one of the Temptation Island couples will remain together when the show ends, and not only that, but they actually get engaged after the show ends.


What About the Ratings ??
Fox got a little Survivor-style growth out of its second episode of Temptation Island, blowing away NBC's 'The West Wing' rerun, confirming that the show's a hit and suggesting it might be turning into prime time's next phenomenon. Temptation Island results are up 16 percent among adults 18-49 over the impressive premiere numbers of a week earlier, and that's not too far off of the 23 percent week-two growth CBS got last June from Survivor. For the week of January 15 through January 21, the top 10 shows, their networks and ratings:1. "Golden Globe Awards," NBC, 14.6
2. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Wednesday," ABC, 14.6
3. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Thursday," ABC, 13.4
4. "60 Minutes," CBS, 13.2
5. "Law & Order," NBC, 12.6
6. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Friday," ABC, 12.2
7. "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-Sunday," ABC, 12.0
8. "Frasier," NBC, 11.9
9. "Temptation Island," Fox, 11.5
10. "Friends," NBC, 11.2
10. "Judging Amy," CBS, 11.2

Do we see a Temptation Island Two ? Hmmm If this continues we sure do !!


Fox Will Now Limit The Promos ??
FOX promised on Thursday to cease promotions of 'Temptation Island' during such family-oriented fare as 'The Simpsons' and 'Malcolm in the Middle.' In a letter Wednesday citing numerous complaints from parents, a member of the Federal Communications Commission urged media magnate Rupert Murdoch -- whose News Corp. Ltd. owns Fox Entertainment -- to stop promoting the adult-themed show when children might be watching.


Affiliate Drops Temptation Island ??
A Fox television affiliate in North Carolina has decided to drop the network's new "reality" series
"Temptation Island" after learning that one of the couples being enticed to break up on the show has a child, Fox officials said on Friday. The decision by Raleigh, N.C.-based WRAZ-TV and its parent company, Capitol Communications, marks the sharpest rebuke so far of the program. "WRAZ will not support a program that could potentially break up the parents of a young child," Tommy Schenck, the general manager of WRAZ, said in a statement issued by the station.


Singles and Couples Tested For STD ??
Fox Network Entertainment President Gail Berman has admitted that all the couples and the singles who took part in 'Temptation Island' tested for sexually transmitted diseases.